For over 30 years, specialists in finishing your hides.


For over 30 years, we put body and soul into finding solutions able to improve the finish on leather.

The art of Ennobling

Ennoblingmeans awarding new life to the hides, making them better on the surface and leaving them soft within.

Quality Inside and Out

Thanks to the use of its own water-based polyurethane mixing techniques, impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

A journey started 30 years ago.

But the real meaning of arriving is never to stop.

Avant Garde Technology.

Innovation has always been the watchword of production processes and original solutions, recognised throughout the world, to which the pioneer Agosti is witness.

We look at things close up, in order to go far.

We know how to analyse and test solutions in detail. We have the creativity and inventiveness always to offer new products and finishes. We keep a careful eye on the environment surrounding us.
Large investments have been made and continue to do so in the search for new and alternative, non-polluting, production solutions, but always of the greatest aesthetic quality.